Hourly Consultations

Hourly based financial advice and wealth coaching designed for the individual looking for adhoc advice or coaching on matters of personal finance, financial planning, retirement and estate planning.


This is an ad hoc service charged at between R 650.00 and R 1,250.00 per hour (ex VAT) with an accredited independent financial advisor from Villic Wealth.

The consultations are separated into two different categories based on service, complexity and client type.

R 650.00 per hour – For the aspiring or established professional with investment assets of less than R2million, who is looking for wealth/financial coaching OR advice and insight on a single need / particular financial planning issue.

R 1,250.00 per hour – For the individual with investment assets of more than R2 million, who is not on the annual retainer advice option but is looking for ad hoc financial advice and insight on a
particular matter such as retirement / personal finance / estate planning.


The level of service I have received has exceeded my expectations in many aspects. I was pleasantly surprised to find a financial advisor genuinely interested in my financial well being for the short and long term. The attention to detail has been outstanding.


Electrical Engineer