About Us

In business as in life, there are certain things that define who you are and what you stand for. For us, it is Financial Stewardship and the pursuit of Protecting Families and Building Wealth. Villic Wealth is founded on a principle of financial stewardship with our name being derived from the Latin Villicus meaning the Steward and Villicationem meaning Stewardship.

Our logo is a ‘V’ and was designed as two parts joined together to symbolize the partnership between client and advisor. You will also notice how our logo (the Villic V) forms an arrow pointing towards our name and more specifically to the growth graph embedded in the letters symbolizing how successful partnerships can Grow Wealth.

It is in this spirit that advisors at Villic Wealth partner with clients, assist them in the identification of their goals and obstacles, develop strategies to best prepare for these and journey with clients assisting them with the implementation and review thereof.

Whether it is building or preserving wealth, protecting your family, securing your retirement, or looking after your employees or the business owners through employee benefits and comprehensive business assurance products. Contact Villic Wealth because if it doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t suit us.

We have amazing clients who have graciously taken the time to share their experience with Villic Wealth